Thread Vein Removal Liverpool

3Thread vein removal is just another treatment that Medical Beauty provide to people in Liverpool.

We now have two options available in regards to our thread vein removal treatment. There is the Lynton Lumina medical grade or  the IPL ” V Beauty ” TM which is the sister product.

Thread Veins can be unsightly and can make people feel self-conscious, these can be red, purple or blue in colour, these veins are not damaged or broken but over time they can be visible through the skin which is why people in Liverpool use us for this treatment. These veins are normally seen around the nose and cheeks, however can be visible on the sides of your face or on your chin and neck. Over a period of time these can become more difficult to cover up as they can grow.

There can be many reasons that these veins appear and  you can find out some of these reasons on our Thread Vein Removal page which has some important information and answers any questions  we regularly get asked by people interested in this treatment.

We would ask that you come in to see us for a consultation so we can assess whether you are suitable for the treatment. At this point we will discuss the options that are available to you. If all goes well we will then book you in to have the treatment carried out. To arrange your consultation fill our or contact form or call us on 01928 579 550.