Thread Vein Removal Ellesmere Port

Thread Veins

Thread veins are essentially blood vessels that appear on the surface layer of your skin – they look like tiny red/purple lines.

Thread veins can appear for a number of reasons, from hormonal reasons to injuries. It is also possible that if your family members have had broken veins that you may inherit them too.

The main causes and factors of thread veins include:

  • hormonal changes/menopause
  • increasing age
  • obesity
  • constant weight change
  • pregnancy
  • regular sun exposure or extreme temperature
  • lack of exercising


Thread Vein Removal in Ellesmere Port

Here at Medical Beauty we provide a thread vein removal treatment. People from all over Ellesmere Port come to us for this treatment because it is considered to be highly effective.

We have two options available when it comes to our thread vein removal and we would be more than happy to discuss them with you. Before the treatment is started we would ask that you travel from Ellesmere Port and come into our clinic so that we can have the chance to discuss the treatment and your requirements, for example, your medical history and the number of treatments that are required based on the condition of your veins.

The Cost

We charge competitive prices for our thread vein removal treatment and will gladly discuss the cost with you before the treatment is started.

Contact Us

To arrange to come into our clinic for a consultation for our thread vein removal treatment simply give us a call on 07900 912 380 or 01928 579 550 or alternatively, you can send us an email at: