Skin Rejuvenation St Helens

Smoking, drinking, the sun, ageing and stress are all factors that can have an affect on your skin. They can cause it to become wrinkly and saggy through time. Your face can begin to sag through loss of elasticity, loss of fat from your cheeks and gravity, it’s for this reason that skin rejuvenation is a treatment that people opt for in St Helens to try to fix the affects of the sagging and wrinkles.

We use the Lynton Lumina IPL which is a medical grade machine, which produces the desired results. Other treatments which can rejuvenate your skin and help with lines and wrinkles are fillers, botox and chemical peels and glycolic. We have been offering skin rejuvenation treatments for some time now and have people from all over coming to us including St Helens due to the service that we provide as well as the results.

We offer a consultation before any treatment is started to get a medical history from you as well as to find out how suitable your chosen treatment is for you. Here we can answer any questions which you may have and we will be able to tell you about what the treatment involves.

If you are looking to rejuvanate your skin and and you live in St Helens or the surrounding areas then why not contact us and arrange to come to our premises to have your treatment carried out by our qualified aesthetic nurse, Leigh Green, who has been trained to the highest level in laser therapy and aesthetics.