Laser Hair Removal Liverpool

baAre you looking for someone in Liverpool that specialises in laser hair removal? We are a local company based in Runcorn who offer advanced non surgical treatments and laser hair removal is one of our most popular treatments.

Our laser hair removal is carried out by Leigh Green who is fully qualified and experience in this type of treatment. Leigh continues to train in the most up to date methods of the treatments provided by Medical beauty to make sure that you are being offered the best value for money aswell as having someone who is using the most recent techniques and equipment.

Our laser hair removal treatment is carried out using the Lynton Lumina medical grade IPL, this stands for “Intense Pulsed Light System” which basically destroys the hair follicle so that your hair doesn’t grow back. When you come to us for this treatment we will cover the area that you want the hair removed from in a gel, the machine is then put onto the area and short pulses of light are then delivered into the hair follicles; this is repeated all over the area that you want the hair removed from.

Prior to getting this treatment you will be checked over by one of our staff, this is to make sure that you are able to go through with this type of treatment, we will also carry out a small test on the area that you want the hair removal from to make sure that there is no bad reactions to the treatment.

For more details on the treatment that we can offer to you and other people in Liverpool just  check out our Hair Removal page or you can contact us and we can arrange a consultation with you.