Dermal Fillers St Helens

We offer a wide range of advanced, non-surgical treatments which provide the results that our customers look for in St Helens. One of the treatments that we get asked for regularly by our customers is dermal fillers.

All procedures that we carry out are done so by our experienced aesthetic nurse, Leigh green, who has many years experience behind her. She gained her experience with a large national cosmetic clinic before going on to establish Medical Beauty Enhancements.

People in St Helens look to have dermal fillers for different reasons including:

  • to help to repair/remove fine lines to deep folds
  • to give definition to the lips or make them fuller
  • to help with a loss of volume to cheeks


Dermal fillers are made from non animal based hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in our skin, this hyaluronic acid helps to keep the skin moisturised, youthful and plump. As we get older the amount of hyaluronic acid becomes less so volume begins to get lost and gravity begins to make the skin sag. That is where dermal fillers help. These fillers are injected into the dermis to add volume and fill wrinkles/folds to give a smooth, natural looking result.

At our clinic we provide everyone in St Helens with the dermal fillers which we feel are the best time served fillers on the market, these are juvederm ultra and resylane. These provide fantastic results and are safe.

When you come to us for dermal fillers before we go ahead with the procedure we will provide you with a consultation to get a full medical history from you and to discuss what you are hoping to achieve from the treatment.

So, if you live in St Helens and are looking for professionals to carry out dermal fillers for you then why not get in touch with us today.