Dermal Fillers Ellesmere Port

At Medical Beauty every single treatment that is carried out is done so by aesthetic nurse Leigh Green. Leigh wanted to put the experience that she gained through working in a large national cosmetic clinic to good use so started up Medical Beauty.

On a regular basis we have people from Ellesmere Port coming to us for dermal fillers, some of these people come through recommendations from others who have come to us for this particular treatment or for one of the many others that we offer. Dermal fillers are an ideal treatment for helping with wrinkles and folds or to even plump up the cheeks or lips.

When we carry out dermal fillers in Ellesmere Port we always use the best materials on the market, the ones we use are resylane and juvederm ultra as we feel that they come with a good safety record whilst offering outstanding results.

The first step in the process is a consultation to discuss the different options, answer any questions you may have and to take a medical history from you. We are asked frequently by people in Ellesmere Port who come to us for dermal fillers if there are any side effects and about how quickly results can be seen. We answer these questions as best we can, and inform people that there can be some redness, tenderness, bruising or swelling which will get better after a few days although this is not the case for everyone. Results of this treatment can also be noticed fairly quickly which people like.

So if you live in Ellesmere Port and are looking for dermal fillers or any other non surgical procedure then why not contact us today and speak to a professional.