Botox in Warrington

Botox is a procedure that many women opt for when they want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines and keep a more youthful looking face. Here at Medical Beauty Enhancements we offer botox to customers in and around Warrington. As well as botox we offer many more non-surgical treatments which offer natural results to keep you looking well.

The benefit of using Medical Beauty Enhancements is that the owner Leigh Green is an aesthetic nurse who has performed many treatments over the years so has plenty of experience behind her therefore meaning that anyone who comes to her is in good hands. She began working for a large cosmetic clinic before starting up her own company.

We use what we feel is the best on the market, that is safe and that produces great results that our customers would be happy with. Vistabel is a purified protein that is injected into muscle groups which cause wrinkles to appear, a very fine needle is injected into the overactive muscles.  Before treatment we offer a consultation to get a history and prescribe and discuss the different treatment options with you. When you have botox you may experience some bruising or swelling but it settles fairly quick – the treatment itself takes effect 2-5 days after it has been done. Many of our customers in Warrington speak highly of the work that we have done for them and continue to use us and recommend us to others.

To book a free consultation just give us a call on 01928 579 550 or 07900 912 380.