Botox in Runcorn

Medical Beauty Enhancements provide botox in Runcorn. Botox has become hugely popular over the years, we provide this treatment and ensure that you are cared for and looked after while you are in our Surgery based in Runcorn. Our Staff ensure you are very comfortable during your time here and are left extremely happy with the end result.

Before you receive Botox you will have to come into see one of our specialists where you will be examined to ensure you are suitable for botox. Our team inform you of your options and explain the possible end result. The actual procedure only takes up to 15 minutes and then your process starts, you will start noticing results after 3-4 days but this process can sometimes take up to 2 weeks to fully develop and heal. Around 2 weeks after your surgery you will return to our surgery in Runcorn for a check up.

Although your treatment will be carried out by a highly experienced, trained and qualified surgeon you may still experience bruising and possibly some swelling but this is very uncommon. Another risk from botox is a dropping eyelid, but this is solved with eye drops. We ensure you are aware of all risks before procedure but none of our team have experienced a patient with a dropping eye, as this tends to be caused by poor injection skills and here at our surgery our staff are highly trained to ensure their skills are outstanding,

If you would like more information from one of our specialists feel free to contact our surgery in Runcorn at:
01928 579 550