Botox in Liverpool

ba1_0We are a licensed practice who offer a wide range of cosmetic yet non-surgical procedures.  Based in the Liverpool area, we offer a wide range of Botox treatments and skin-enhancing procedures, including the restoration of facial volume, lip definition and skin rejuvenation.

The definition of Botox/Vistabel

Vistabel is a new term for Botox. It is licensed solely for cosmetic purposes. It’s a purified  substance injected in small measures into certain over-active muscle groups, usually in the upper part of the face. The over activeness of these groups can result in the appearance of lines and visual impurities. Botox can prevent this by temporarily causing blockages to nerve impulses, which will result in a clearer, more pristine image lasting for around 3 to 6 months. We can carry out treatment for a brow lift, for the reduced visibility of platysmal bands in the neck or even for the prevention of constant underarm sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis.

What about side effects?

Botox treatment is not dangerous, works extremely well and will always be performed by professional, qualified and experienced medical practitioners. There is a chance that some bruising or slight swelling may appear at the injection site, however, this will disappear very quickly. Rarely patients experience drooping of the eyelid, which is most commonly caused by poor procedure, however this can be tackled by prescription eye drops.

How does the procedure work?

Before we perform the procedure we must hold a consultation with you. This is where the following will be discussed: medical history, prescription and discussion of treatment options and the suspected end result. The actual treatment itself will take approximately 15 minutes, during which time the over-active muscles are injected with the protein substance using a very fine needle. After the treatment is finished you will begin to see results after 2-5 days and a follow-up appointment will be made two weeks after the treatment, once the effects have developed fully, to review the treatment.